The material for this series is drawn from places I have been, people I know, everyday simple things - a bed yet to be made, washing just hung out, a child being comforted. It’s about the seasons, winters temporary mark, the colours of a tree over a frozen lake, and the stillness of a moment.

The word 'still' seems very simple. However it embodies a complex multiplicity of ideas. On the one hand it can mean motionlessness, yet it can also be used to convey a sense of continuality - to still do something, as well as the idea of 'and yet' or 'even now'. It deals with time, both the absence of it as well as an intention to continue with what was before.

It is this paradox of simple complexity that is interesting to try and capture photographically - a feeling that can be hard to place or put words to, yet which feels familiar. Photography, with its dual requirements of technique and instinct, appears to have an ability to grasp this elusiveness. Still images, frozen fragments taken out of the continuum of time and space, can be used as words or sentences and strung together like poetry, as suggestions of things that are difficult to define.